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Design corner / 19 March 2020
Spacing in UI Design

One of the easiest ways to clean up a design is to give every element a little more room to breathe. When designing for the web, white space is almost always added to a design — if something looks a little too cramped, you add a bit of margin or padding until things look better. 

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Things we do / 18 November 2019
Outsourcing – Why should you hire an experienced agency

Outsourcing has been one of the most discussed topics in the business world over the last couple of years. It’s understandable why - in 2018 its revenue was 85.6 billion dollars (, out of which 62 billion was Information technology outsourcing.

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Keeping it real / 30 June 2019
From soloist to team player

If you’ve read my previous post, Newbie’s view on Presta, perhaps you noticed that I mentioned the learning process as one of my fields of interests. Now I would like to elaborate on that topic, comparing experiences from two years that I’ve spent learning solo, using resources from the internet, and now when I have the chance to work and learn in a team.

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Keeping it real / 5 June 2019
Newbee’s view on Presta

First things first - a few facts about me - from pre-Presta life. I am 29 years old, have a masters degree in literature and this is my first job in the IT industry. Suffice to say, I had some worries and doubts about changing career, especially because, at first glance, it seemed like changing to a diametrically opposed career path. During my learning period, I’ve realized that there might be more similarities between IT and literature (especially conceptual ones) than one might think.

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Things we do / 14 May 2019
Road trip to Perućac: Team building Gone Wild

Last weekend we packed our bags for a road trip to Perućac. Being true kayaking lovers, this team building weekend became our tradition. Three times a year we set our way to this amazing part of Western Serbia and enjoy the stunning nature that this area proudly still keeps intact.

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Keeping it real / 3 May 2019
New Office: A whole Level Up

After three months of insane construction work, remodeling, rebuilding and let’s make it honest: ripping the whole place out of its guts- our new office is finally ready! On Friday 3rd May 2019, we have officially moved to our new office space, one level up. Yes, the same address, just one level up. One huge level up.

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Things we do / 19 March 2019
Journey of a new website: progress tracking

Once you have created and defined all important aspects of your new website, decided on your web development agency and started working on website itself, it's important to keep progress tracking. This is crucial step in ensuring that everything goes according to plan and for spotting any issues before they get out of control.

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Things we do / 15 March 2019
A systematic approach to Debugging

During the last 6 years of web developing experience, I’ve dealt with a variety of issues. At some point, I realised that my approach to debugging evolved  which helped me deal with bugs in a more efficient way. I would like to share this with you, and I will be more than happy if you implement any of these in your daily debugging routine.

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Things we do / 8 March 2019
Data visualization project

Every once in a while we get reminded why we love working what we do. Every once in a while we get a chance to work with really talented and dedicated people who want to change and improve the world we live in. That's when you feel really empowered to actually do some impact world wide. We all get very motivated in such work environment and really give our best. In these situations working hard and giving 110% of you doesn't seem like any issue or a problem.

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Keeping it real / 7 March 2019
Training keeps my mind sharp

There are several reasons why people exercise: whether it’s to improve their health and body, or to achieve a feeling of fulfillment, or maybe even to nurture their obsession, but whichever the reason or goal it is, exercising has different benefits to every individual.

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Things we do / 9 December 2018
Journey of a new website: starting development

In our short guide through getting your new website, we have covered so far putting together content, deciding on design direction and creating functional specification. After all these are sorted, you can continue to the next step: starting development.

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Things we do / 16 October 2018
Journey of a new website: functional specification

When defining functional specification for your project, you need to consider several important aspects:

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Things we do / 2 October 2018
Journey of a new website: content

In this step, it is of upmost importance to think about your visitors. What information do they want to find, how to find it easily and how to contact you or convert. Finding right information easily and in few clicks is also really important. Hint: search field.

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Things we do / 17 September 2018
Journey of a new website: design

First step when you think of your new website is obviously the Design. Purposely put with capital "D" as this is probably the single most important part of your new Magento Themes. This decision with greatly impact the amount of time people spend on your website as they wouldn't come to the content part if the design is ugly, not easy to understand or to find crucial information.

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Things we do / 1 September 2018
Journey of a new website

Let's face it: we've all been in this situation - you have the deadline, you have the design, and now it's the time to come up with some new content for your new website. And that's when you hit the wall. What content should I use? What angle should I take? Options are endless, but you have to produce something.

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