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Journey of a new website: progress tracking

Once you have created and defined all important aspects of your new website, decided on your web development agency and started working on website itself, it’s important to keep progress tracking. This is crucial step in ensuring that everything goes according to plan and for spotting any issues before they get out of control.

There are few different ways of progress tracking and keeping track of all information crucial for your new website project. I’m going to number just a few:

Website development progress tracking
Website development progress tracking
  1. Project management software: this can be overkill to some people, but this method has proven to be crucial when things don’t go as planned. There are really tons of choices here and we have tried more than few out there. Some are simpler, while others are really complicated and suitable for long term and complex projects. Our tool of choice is ActiveCollab as it is very easy to use, yet powerful and flexible. Also, most of our Clients find it easy to use and understand.
  2. Trello board: Trello has proven to have all the necessary items for most projects, from simple to complex. You just need to create different lists for different phases or task groups and move them around as needed. Trello is also great for tracking your personal tasks.
  3. Google docs: Google docs or spreadsheets is sometimes easy for non technical users as it has real time collaboration element. However, it doesn’t track changes, so you don’t know who and when changed something.
  4. Emails: this is probably worst way of progress tracking as it doesn’t give any level of overview. However, it’s better to keep track of progress some way than not doing it at all.

No matter what method you and your web development agency agree on, it’s important to have some project overview so you can keep track of your web development project. You can always check development environment (their or your own), or you can check their code repository, but you also need single go-to place for all information regarding project. All questions, concerns, conundrums, content and issues need to be in one place.