Road trip to Perućac: Team building Gone Wild - Presta

Road trip to Perućac: Team building Gone Wild

Last weekend we packed our bags for a road trip to Perućac. Being true kayaking lovers, this team building weekend became our tradition. Three times a year we set our way to this amazing part of Western Serbia and enjoy the stunning nature that this area proudly still keeps intact.

Amazing Nature of Western Serbia

The stunning view of intact nature viciously reminds of how lucky we are to live on a planet like this. Take a deep breath of this pure air and say our thanks for being here now. Saving a trashcan that fell off a cliff at this view point, bringing it back to serve its purpose: keep this place clean and beautiful just the way it is. We hit the road and soon we arrive at our destination: Drinska Bajka.

Heated pool, basketball and volleyball terrain, sunbeds… what else can you ask for? It is more than enough for us to unwind.

Heated pool and sun beds, what else do you need?
And the weather was perfect


No fun can fill an empty stomach, so we had to fill ours up with a traditional pork cooked under “sač”. That is a locally famous way to prepare meat and other food in a large metal lid covered with coil. It was so tasty that no one took a photo of it, so there is literally no trace of it at all.

Lunch time


Kayaks are our favorite part of this road trip. This is the moment when you jump in, take your vessel and row row row your boat gently down the stream, if you see a crocodile, well, you won’t see a crocodile in Serbia, but a cold cold stream- this one we guarantee.

Double kayak
Kayak selfie

Perućac is a very calm calm lake, so this kayaking trip was no challenge for us. We are used to some more adrenaline paced ventures, but you truly can’t have it all. What we got from this session was a difference between kayak types that we rented and how unstable are the professional ones, so we had to test them in safe space of our pool. Oh that was fun.

Testing testing 123
And now you try

Leisure time

And now, Presta bathrobes! They must literally become a content of the survival kit for skinny dipping in Drina river. Even though some of our Presta rangers are famous for their cold water tolerance (Wim Hof Method survivors), Drina River was a new level of cold. But it was nice to be reminded how warm you actually are when you’re not in it.

Presta bathrobes as a survival kit for skinny dipping
Drina River: Only for the brave hearts

Leisure time is what everybody understands in their own way. Some of us like to play sports, some like to shoot airgun, and some like to ride a skate while other just take the happy feet up in the air and do nothing. And we totally get it.

Air gun shooting
Bare necessities
Volleyball lovers take their 5 hrs game
Bart Simpson would be jealous
Happy feet are flip flops feet

On our way back home we were tricked by our guide to visit a local landmark “The Mill of Sava Savanovic” the first Serbian vampire. We were very eager to see the place where Sava the Vampire did all his bloody work, but what we were not prepared for was a 3 km walk on the steepest hill you can imagine.

Sava Savanovic Mill

And now it’s time to go home. Until next trip in September, that’s all folks.