Journey of a new website - Presta

Journey of a new website

Let’s face it: we’ve all been in this situation – you have the deadline, you have the design, and now it’s the time to come up with some new content for your new website. And that’s when you hit the wall. What content should I use? What angle should I take? Options are endless, but you have to produce something.

This is the same situation I’ve seen countless times with almost all of my clients. And that’s why I advice all of my clients to start with producing the content right away. There is no reason for waiting the design to be done without the actual content. Truth to be told, content is root to all deadline breaches in my experience. Wether it’s copy, images or any other form of content, it’s always pain in the *ss to get it. That’s why hiring specialist is always good idea. Not only that these people are professionals in their respective fields, but they also love doing it. And you don’t have to do it, you can pay someone to do it.

presta new website
Creating New Website

Although I knew all of this, I still found myself in the same situation. No wonder, why they say that you have to make your own mistakes in order to learn from them.

So, I’m going to start writing a bit about the journey of new Presta website and try to explain what are all the important parts, big decisions and possible traps when creating new website. Maybe someone will learn from my experience and skip making the same mistakes I (or my clients) made.

How do you cope with your writing block? What do you advice your clients or colleagues?

In next chapter, we will cover first step when creating new website: Design.

PS of course, we will be done with new website by the time you get a chance to read this 🙂