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Journey of a new website: design

First step when you think of your new website is obviously the Design. Purposely put with capital “D” as this is probably the single most important part of your new Magento Themes. This decision with greatly impact the amount of time people spend on your website as they wouldn’t come to the content part if the design is ugly, not easy to understand or to find crucial information.

Our usual approach is to find and determine company visual policy. Whether your target audience is other businesses, younger folks or suburban moms should greatly affect your design direction. Looking at your competition can give you some insight, but more often than not, you should make some crucial differences and stand out in some way.

webdesign design process
webdesign design process

Looking at some design examples, even outside of your competition, can give you ideas and inspiration. However, don’t forget who is your target audience, what is your visual policy and what message do you want to send. These are all important aspects on your new design.

Timelines: from our experience, don’t push the creatives when creating new online presence design for you. Making new design on time is not as important as getting it right. Design process is often curved and doesn’t go in single direction. Its all about exploring and finding best way of displaying the required content and making right conversions (whether its online shop and you want customers to buy your products, or its your corporate website where you want visitors to give you a call for new work).

In next post, we will cover creating content for your new website.