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New Office: A whole Level Up

After three months of insane construction work, remodeling, rebuilding and let’s make it honest: ripping the whole place out of its guts- our new office is finally ready! On Friday 3rd May 2019, we have officially moved to our new office space, one level up. Yes, the same address, just one level up. One huge level up.

May 3rd 2019 The first day @newoffice

If you have ever had a chance to drop by to our old office, you know how much we cherish our community area where we eat our meals, have our dubious chats about the most important stuff in the World, where we play our drafts and lay down for power naps. This area that brings us all together is what now stands for the central part of our new office: we broke down the walls and now our whole @lifeatpresta happens in open space area where we dine, chat, play and rest. This is our “BLEYA” (from verb “blejati” which stands for doing absolutely nothing up to a point where you actually zone out).

Moving in

Our Bleya is our trademark and that’s just why we have a huge red neon sign in case someone forgot where he’s at when he wakes from the afternoon nap. Our leisure space is where we get together and where we have our small office rituals like eating cakes that our mothers, wives and girlfriends send us on regular basis.

Assembling the BLEYA

Our working space is divided into three offices where we do our work. The “naked walls” that you can see in our office was an homage to this amazing building that has a story of its own. This historic landmark is actually a place which was built by Geca Kon, a famous publisher that lived in 1900s in Serbia. The whole neighborhood that we are located in is actually the oldest part of Belgrade called “Stari Grad” (Old town) which is famous for its historic buildings that have survived both World wars and have stories of its own. The spirit of this old building and its unique construction style with high ceilings and specific décor is what we wanted to keep alive and that is why some of the walls are shown bare naked and bordures are retro. All the rest is cutting edge, like we are.

New Office with naked walls: an homage to the history

The meeting room next to the entrance is where we sit together when we need to brainstorm or take a more formal meetups with our clients and partners. Check out the table: It’s made of a refurbished door covered with glass: how cool is that? If that didn’t swipe you away, maybe this old wooden cinema seats will? Still nothing? Ok. We have a magic mirror for you, you picky little visitor. This mirror in the hallway was built from scratch. Yes, we built it and hooked it up and programmed it to share the news.

Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the sharpest of them all?

Cute little kitchen and selfie friendly bathrooms with full size mirrors (not like we actually take those selfies, but you never know), shower and all you need for feeling like at home at our new place.

When we look back, the last three months of the reconstruction were not easy, but definitely worth it. Now that were are nested in our own space and place, we are sure that we are finally at home.

At whole new level, this place is what it really is for us: our one and only