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Training keeps my mind sharp

There are several reasons why people exercise: whether it’s to improve their health and body, or to achieve a feeling of fulfillment, or maybe even to nurture their obsession, but whichever the reason or goal it is, exercising has different benefits to every individual.

For me, that’s a way to keep my mind more resistant to everyday stressful and uncomfortable situations, but it also shapes my mindset. Discipline, pushing myself over the limit, staying out of the comfort zone and a constant desire to progress at exercises, help me become more confident. This kind of mindset is very useful to me, especially at work where I’m constantly learning new things and where I’m exposed to new and unfamiliar things on a regular basis.

From my experience and point of view, it is ideal to start a day with a low-intensity workout and 15-20 min stretching. It is a proper way to wake up your body and mind and put it in an active state.  Maybe it sounds impossible now, but once you start you would feel immediate results: a day with more energy, improved mood, or you can even become more productive and focused.

Health in the first place

I believe that it is really important for our health to be active, especially for people whose jobs require sitting most of the time. If you don’t have the time or strength to immerse yourself in a highly exhausting exercises, at least try to stretch every once in a while. Stretching can postpone back issues for years and it is very important. Unfortunately there is a small percentage of people who are willing to find the time to even stretch, especially in my profession (programming world). It is sad that human nature and our laziness sometimes makes us figure things out only when the damage has been made and when more effort is needed to fix all those pilled-up problems.

Of course, these are the thoughts of the man who came into the programming world after more than 18 years of fully active life (mostly playing soccer), who couldn’t imagine himself sitting most of the day in front of a computer, but the dynamic of the job and the opportunity to keep learning and proving himself on a daily basis made him adore it.